Fireplace alterations

Whether you plan to knock out a fireplace, build a chimney breast or just add a hearth to a room, there are a wide range of options and materials to choose from to create the look and design that you want to achieve for your home.

Along with creating the right aesthetic, CP Smith Stoves ensures that the installation complies with the regulations and recommendations of HETAS and the stove manufacturer that you select to ensure your stove is safe and looks fantastic.

The fireplace opening

Once the opening has been created and all of the debris removed from site it is our job to finish this to the style and look that you choose. Some choices of materials include;

  • Heatproof boarding
  • Render finish (on larger openings only)
  • Brickwork
  • Stone
  • Ceramic tiled

The opening itself will need to be large enough to cater for the finish – for example the opening width needs to be big enough to hold the stove, plus 150mm of air space either side before any finishes are added.

Heatproof fireboard

Most applications require materials which are non-combustible and thinner in depth than brickwork. We use a product from British Gypsum called GlasRoc Multiboard which meets this requirement. Finishing the opening in a clean, crisp style, it offers the homeowner the option to complete the design with paint to blend in with the room’s overall decor.

Finished Opening with Short Penguin 5KW
Charnwood C4

Render finish

Rendering inside fireplace openings is often thought of as the preferred option for finishing. However render can often blow away from the base materials when heat is applied and therefore we prefer to give you this option on larger openings and inglenooks where there is more air movement around the stove.

Brickwork opening

Using a choice of new or reclaimed bricks along with your preferred choice of joint colour, our surveyor will be happy to advise on a range of options to suit your home’s style and design.

Larger openings lend themselves to a more traditional finish
Brickwork being built inside the opening

Stone fireplace and opening

A luxurious way to finish the face and inside of the fireplace this can create a dramatic look to your interior design. Using a wide variety of stone and designs, from bath stone to York stone, from a contemporary to traditional look, whatever your expectations our team will work with you to create a stunning finished fireplace. CP Smith Stoves works closely with a number of skilled stonemasons and fireplace suppliers to achieve the perfect finish for your home.

Granite Surround and Hearth Board internal
Antique stone fireplace
Herald Hunter Compact 5 Stove
Stone Fireplace

Ceramic tiling

With a wide range of options, ceramic tiling can give create many different finishes for your fireplace. With the option to tile into the opening as well as the hearth and face of the fireplace, this can be a good way to create a complete design which looks stunning and adds a real ‘wow’ factor to the heart of your living space.

Tiled Hearth Clearview Pioneer 400
Tiled Face, Hearth and opening

Facing the opening and beams

Beams can be used over fireplace openings where CP Smith Stoves has installed the stove at your property, however there are some regulations which govern and state where this can be placed. The beams that we use are seasoned oak, finished on site by sanding, ready for you to apply your preferred finish. Below you will see some options of beams and brickwork facade designs.

Beam over brick opening
Oak beam over new Chimney Breast
Brick Hearth and Frontage
Ceramic slate tiles
Black Hoaned Slate
Oak Beam floating over fireplace opening

Hearth materials

There are a wide variety of hearth materials to choose from including stone, bricks, slabs and various other materials. These are also suitable for standalone hearths where the stove does not have a fireplace around it and can additionally include glass, slate or granite. Here are some examples of hearth materials.

Norfolk Red Pamments
Buff Norfolk Pamments
Buff Norfolk Pamments
Hoaned Slate
Ceramic slate tiles
Finished Opening with Short Penguin 5KW
Black Hoaned Slate
York Stone
Riven concrete slabs
Brick on Edge with a plinth surround
Teardrop Corner Glass Hearh
Square Glass Hearth
Indian Stone
Clearview Pioneer 400 on Black Indian Stone
Herringbone Brick on Edge
Ceramic Slate Tiles

We can work with your plans or interior designer to create a unique look for your fireplance. Many more materials can be supplied upon request, both new and reclaimed. Please contact CP Smith Stoves for more details.

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