Herald Range

Herald Range

This highly efficient stove can be left to burn overnight, providing a warm room when you wake in the morning. If you are looking to heat your home with this stove, you can add a wraparound boiler to power up to 10 radiators. The Herald 6, 8 & 14 come in single or double depth models to suit your desired heat output. Call CP Smith Stoves to discuss your individual heating requirements.

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  • Output: 8-15kw
  • Efficiency: 78.6%
  • Standard dimensions exc canopy:
  • (See below for other model dimensions)
  • Height: 644mm
  • Width: 680mm
  • Depth: 508mm

– Variations: Double depth, single depth,

– 14 Double: H:645mm, D:1000mm
– 14 Single: D:700mm
– 4: Output:3.5-6kw, Efficiency:78%, H:550mm, W:460mm, D:397mm
– 5 Slimline: Output:3.5-6kw, Efficiency:76% H:567mm, W:575mm D:344mm
– 6: Output:4-7.5kw, Efficiency:75.9%, H:567mm, W:580mm, D:406mm
– 6 Double: H:568mm, W:610mm, D:800mm
– 6 Single: H:568mm, W:580mm, D:535mm
– 8: Output: 6-11kw, Efficiency:78.9%, H:624mm, W:606mm, D:434mm
– 8 Double: Output:8-18kw, Efficiency:79%, H:625mm, W:598mm, D:850mm
– 8 Single: Output:6-11kw, Efficiency:74.3%, H:625mm, W:598mm, D:560mm
– 8 SLimline: Output:4.5-8kw, Efficiency:72.4%, H:620mm, W:639mm, D:364mm
– 80B: Output:4.5-10kw, Efficiency:71%, H:820mm, W:770mm, D:545mm
– Compact 5: Output:3.5-5.5kw, Efficiency:76%, H:550mm, W:444mm, D:362mm

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