SLX Range

SLX Range

The SLX is designed to get the very best out of the fuel that you burn with maximum efficiency and low emissions, all contained within its highly desirable and stylish look casing.

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  • SLX 20 Specifications:
  • (See below for the SLX 45 specifications)
  • Output: 5.8kw Wood / 6.3kw Anthracite
  • Efficiency: 75.7% Wood / 72.1% Anthracite
  • Height: 608mm
  • Width: 548mm
  • Max log length: 280mm

SLX 45 Specifications:
Output:6-6.3kw Wood / 4.6 – 9.7kw Anthracite
Height: 608mm Width: 548mm
Log Length: 370mm