The second element of your EGG is the Nest or Table it sits in.  With a range of metal and wooden choices you can really make your outdoor kitchen your own.  If you are limited on space the shelf and bar options are suitable for the Medium and large EGGS.

Metal Nest:

This compact, sturdy and mobile base makes moving the EGG around the garden or patio a snap.  When your ready to cook simply lock the wheels in place and away you go.

XL NestLarge-BGE-Metal-Nest-3

Mahogany Nest:

For the more placed EGG this nest adds a little style and elegance to your outdoor cooking area.  For those EGGS that are going to take up a pride of place in one area on the Patio or in the garden.

Mahogany Nest

Hardwood Tables:

Providing the ultimate set up the slab top table is handsome and practical.  Providing plenty of prep space and a second shelf to hold those amazing EGGcessories.  Also available as a full table.




Composite 2 and 3 slate shelves make ups the perfect space for those meats and EGGcessories for EGG that might be in a tight spot.


Composite 3 Slat Shelves